Corporate Graphics Standards

Windsor Regional Hospital is committed to having a cohesive visual identity system that reinforces the organization's position as a leading health care provider.

Consistent and correct use of identity elements enhances the organization's image. In addition, our linkage with other "votes" is promoted by this identification with the Corporation. All communication from the Hospital, especially to external audiences, should be of excellent quality.

This standard must apply to all communication coming from Windsor Regional Hospital. This includes but is not limited to: letterhead, brochures, manuals, advertising, presentations, signage and Web site usage. The implementation of the graphic standards is managed by the Public Affairs department.

The Hospital's logo was designed by Hargreaves, Charbonneau & Associates. The sun emerging from behind the clouds (formed by a stylized "W") is intended to represent the passage of a storm and the onset of wellness. The informal graphic style projects an accessible community focus.

WRH Letterhead Templates

WRH Logos

Using the Corporate Logo

In the interest of maintaining a greater level of consistency, the logo should never be altered or distorted in any way from the approved versions shown in these pages. The approved versions are designed to reflect a consistent corporate image that allows for flexible usage. As a general rule, there are two versions of the corporate logo approved for general usage. They are:

   Vertical: Horizontal:
 WRH Logo example Vertical  WRH Logo example horizontal

In all cases the motto: “Outstanding Care-No Exceptions!” should appear with the logo and should not be separated from it unless explicitly indicated in these guidelines (i.e.: Letterhead)

The components of the design should not be altered in proportions, relative to one another, except as approved by the Public Affairs department.

Protective Area

The designers recommend that, wherever possible, a “protective area” be left around the logo in all directions (see figure at right). This should be considered a “soft” rule of usage; in certain instances, graphic design requirements may dictate that the protective area be impinged upon. Users of the symbol who are uncertain as to the suitability of such usage should contact the Public Affairs Department, Windsor Regional Hospital, for clarification.


Protective areaProtective area:

Avoid adding other graphic elements within this area


The principle typestyle to be used in most major applications (i.e. signage, headlines, annual reports, etc.) is the Monotype Joanna family. This sentence is set in Joanna. The secondary font for accent copy is the Monotype Gill Sans family. While other fonts may be used at the discretion of the designer, every effort should be made to use the approved fonts shown here, and their respective families.

Standard Fonts:



Colour Usage

The official approved colours are Pantone Teal #322 and Pantone Yellow #116. The logo can be published in either a one-colour format, two-colour format or three-colour format. In the one-colour application, the logo should appear in teal or in the absence of colour in black. In the two-colour format, the lettering of the cloud appears in teal and the sun in yellow. In the three-colour application, the cloud should print in Grey PMS #422.

green: R: 1 G: 130 B: 126
yellow: R: 255 G: 197 B: 41
grey: R 160 G: 161 B: 165

Other Usages

The corporate logo may appear on clothing and other media: mugs, pens, lanyards. The graphic standards should apply in all cases.

Unacceptable Alterations

To avoid incorrect usage, use only the logo available in hard copy from Public Affairs, WRH print shop or electronically from the Web site ( The logotype should never be replaced with another typeface/font.

Approved Logo Formats

Three basic juxtapositions of name/symbol are approved for general usage. These should provide the designer with the flexibility to meet most needs, and so every effort should be made to use these approved formats. Other configurations and variations should be employed only with the approval of Windsor Regional Hospital, and in accordance with established standards for stationery, signage, vehicle and printed applications of the name/symbol.

Approved Spot Colours

green: R: 1 G: 130 B: 126
yellow: R: 255 G: 197 B: 41
grey: R 160 G: 161 B: 165

The Public Affairs Department is available for consultation for all matters of corporate symbol usage.