Mega Monthly 50/50 Winner Calls it Life Changing



A Windsor mother of two was feeling overwhelmed and grateful after learning she won over $100,000 in Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation's Mega Monthly 50/50 Draw.

“This is life changing,” exclaimed Stephanie Rabaey after winning $101,578 in the April 50/50 draw.

Rabaey has been successfully accomplishing her life goals including going back to school, getting a wonderful job in the mental health field and next up on her list, was purchasing a home for her family.

The first thing her son said to her after learning of the lottery win was, ‘We can move!’

They currently rent a townhome and the $101,000 will be used as a down payment on a house.

The 39-year-old works at the House of Sophrosyne and purchased her tickets in April to give back to the community.

“When you enter a big event like this, I look at where the money is going - not necessarily how much I could win,” she said. “I was not looking to receive anything in return for my $50 ticket purchase.”

Proceeds from the WRH Foundation Mega Monthly 50/50 Draw support the purchase of hospital equipment at WRH.

The Mega Monthly 50/50 Draw for May kicks off May 3rd.